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NOTE: I am on leave for the 2018-2019 academic year and will not be supervising student teachers. Please be aware that the links and resources below may not be updated until Fall 2019. Feel free to use this website, but be sure to contact your own FSU program supervisor and Sandy Shaw for the most updated resources for CAP, TWS, etc. Have a great year! -- Dr. Cressey

CAP (Candidate Assessment of Performance)
CAP Resources <-----(Student Feedback Surveys are here)
Evidence Suggestions from Natick Public Schools (NEW)- Includes all Prof. Standards for Teachers, including CAP elements and much more.

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Student Teaching Documents

Search the DESE Curriculum Frameworks for key words (such as your TWS/unit themes):
DESE New Teacher Evaluation System Rubric:
Mandated Reporter Online Training & Certificate:

Dr. Cressey's Tips for preparing for: The Teacher Job Hunt
Creating a Professional Portfolio: