Honors Thesis Resources

I have supervised several honors theses and enjoy working with students on their research (see examples below). Please contact me if you are interested in working with me as your honors thesis supervisor!

FSU Honors Thesis Page (links to registration form, guidelines, and completion form) 

FSU Institutional Review Board (see policies and application materials)

UMass Undergraduate Research Conference (proposals due in February, conference in April)

Protecting Human Research Participants: Online Course from NIH (free) and  PDF of Course Materials

Sample Theses Supervised:
  • Emily Crocker (December 2015): Elementary and Early Childhood Pre-service Teachers’ Self-Reported Mathematics Confidence in Relation to Mathematics Skill, Knowledge, and Concepts. Supervised with second reader Bob Page.
  • Kayleigh Laughlin (December 2015): The Effects of Gender and Age on College Students' Perceptions of Level of Depression, Level of Concern, and Need for Intervention. Supervised with first reader Deborah McMakin. 
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